I loved being a kid. Everyday, life was filled with wonder and surprise and I was excited to see what the day would hold.  Exercise rarely crossed my mind, outside of a few contests with friends over who could do the most sit-ups or push-ups.

And still… I was in the best shape of my life.

As children, we never had to think about exercise because most evenings were full of activity.  We played every kind of ball known to man, built forts, rode our bikes everywhere and never thought about “being too tired”.

As adults, we start slowing down.. getting comfortable.  It’s easy to do and once the pattern of inactivity begins, it very often never ends.

Here’s to working out like we were when we kids.  Here’s to “mixing it up” and having fun again..  getting a great workout in without ever realizing your working out.

10 Workouts to Make You Feel Like a Kid

  1. Ride a bike.  No.. don’t grab the road bike, bike shoes and helmet and head out to the same ol’ course you hit every weekend.  Dust off the bmx (remember those?) or the mountain bike.  Head out and look for a grassy terrain with a small ramp at the bottom!  Pushing your bike up that hill won’t feel like the slightest bit of work while anticipating what it will feel to hit a ramp again!  Don’t feel that adventurous?  Just ride with the kids somewhere new.
    bike riding and roller skating
  2. Roller skate.  Still got an old pair of roller skates in the attic?   A superb workout with a lot of laughs.  Be sure to wear pads if it’s been a few years.
  3. Jump rope.  Nobody seems to jump rope anymore but it’s one of the better workouts around.  You can make this form of cardio as challenging as you wish while bringing back some great childhood memories.
    jump rope and dribbling a ball
  4. Dribble a ball.  Rather it’s just shooting baskets or dribbling a ball down the street, you’ll have a great workout in before you know it.
  5. Hike somewhere new.  We often think of going hiking only when planning a vacation.  Why is that?  In every city, there is unexplored terrain that would make you feel young again while getting in another great workout.
  6. Carry a rock.  Sounds strange?  When we were kids, my friends and I were always finding some big rock and challenging each other to lift it.  Grab a lighter rock and try doing a few reps around the back yard with it.  It’s a surprisingly hard workout that’s made fun by doing something new!
    carrying a rock
  7. Buy a tether ball and go at it.  It was a silly playground game but it’s even more fun as an adult.  It’s gets the heart rate up surprisingly well!
    tether ball
  8. Kick a ball.  It sounds simple but such fun!  When I was a kid, I was always trying to best myself for the amount of times I could kick a ball without it hitting the ground.  I was pretty good.  I won’t tell you about my latest numbers.
    kick ball
  9. Run up stairs.  When I’m up for a new workout, I often just head out and look for a new set of stairs.  Nothing wears you out quicker, even at a slow pace.  Works magnificently well.
    running stairs
  10. Climb a rope.  I saved this one for last because it’s my favorite so hopefully it will be fresh on your mind as you head out for your workout right now!  I hung a rope in my backyard just last week and was completely surprised by how much fun I had trying to scale it.  Great workout too!
    rope climbing
    These are just 10 ideas.  There’s many more.. so many ways we exercised and stayed as shape as kids.  Let’s get back to it..  be young, have fun and get lean.
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