Fat loss information is as misconstrued as any in the health industry.  The truth of the matter is that it’s not that hard.  You need to eat healthy foods, kick sugar to the curb (10g or less a day), and stop eating high-glycemic carbohydrates, substituting them for lean proteins and healthy fats.

Eating in the above prescribed manner will diminish appetite, increase metabolism, decrease insulin levels and promote fat burning..  even if you do no exercise at all.

Still, there are those who repeatedly engage in gym-time rituals to burn fat, assuming that they taking the right approach without ever really investigating the facts.  If you’re hitting the gym often, here’s 5 common fat loss myths to be aware of:

5 Myths of Fat Burning

  1. If you aren’t worn out at the end of your workout, you haven’t worked hard enough. – I have a great female friend at the gym that works out harder than most guys I know. She’s dripping with sweat from head to toe at the end of every workout. She spends most of her time on the elliptical trainer and on occasion, when I ask her how her workout was, she informs me that it was a bad day. She’ll say she didn’t have her normal energy or strength was a little low. I certainly understand high expectations but don’t buy into the hype of believing that only an extreme workout can produce extreme results.  Extreme results take a lot of time and the occasional low-intensity workouts are likely providing all the benefit of the high-intensity workouts.  The secret to fat burning is diet first and foremost but if you’re adding exercise to speed it up, understand that the long and steady course is the one that produces the best looking body.
  2. You have to workout daily to get results. – I’ve provided proof positive this year that “more” isn’t necessarily better. I tried HIIT twice a day and after two weeks, saw virtually no changes in my body. After changing the diet up again and dropping cardio altogether, I managed to see much more impressive results. Training + recovery is what brings results. Alternate day workouts are ideal for most people to burn fat.
  3. Faster is better. – Once again, it’s not a matter of trying to lose your breath for 30 minutes straight. Cycle your heart-rate up and down throughout your cardio for best results.
  4. For fat burning, don’t worry about weights and do more cardio. – Resistance training (aka: hitting the weights) is your greatest available tool for fat burning. Nothing increases metabolism like weight training. Diet combined with lifting weights will give you your best possible body and promote fat burning better than any other combination of nutrition and exercises.
  5. Situps will give you the best looking abs. – I still see the occasional heavy person doing a lot of ab work and on talking to this guy, it’s always revealed that the ab exercises are being performed with a goal of finally shedding fat and having a better mid-section. You can do situp until the cows come home but as the old adage goes.. “Abs are made in the kitchen”. Proper diet is the only way to a sexy mid-section and ab exercises will not magically burn fat from your mid-section. Want a better looking belly? Eat right and hit the weights. It’s that easy.

Fat burning becomes more obvious to a person as s/he begins to really put a focus on diet. Don’t be one of those dudes I see at the gym who’s been doing the same thing for the last 5 years and hasn’t shown a single sign of progress. Drop the belly, get lean and get the body you’ve always wanted.

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