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What is Lean Gains Guide?

Lean Gains Guide is dedicated to helping others become lean and ripped while maintaining a focus on being healthy. It’s also my personal journey to go from large to lean.  I’m passionate about health and fitness and I believe anyone can lose a lot of fat quickly while achieving a lean and ripped physique.  I’m earnest about helping others and providing real world advice that is often hard to find online, in the midst of a market filled with people who simply want to sell you an expensive e-book for profit.  I’m committed to maintaining a website that makes free, any and all information you need to completely transform your body into exactly what you envision for yourself.

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How Did You Go From Fat to Fit?

In 2012 (at 43 years old), I went from 25% body fat to 10% in six months. For the few years prior to this, I allowed myself to become complacent and quite honestly.. fat.  It becomes so easy to fall into the same routines as we get older and put both exercise and nutrition on the back burner while we go on about our daily lives in an increasingly relaxed manner.  It’s too easy to consider obesity as the society norm, allowing it to take over our lives, control who we are and add to an ever increasing amount of health problems that grows in number, world-wide but especially in America, with every passing year.

Continually dropping fat while maintaining muscle had it’s challenging moments, and I definitely had to push through some self doubt along the way and the last ten pounds has been the greatest challenge of all.

Read the rest of my story on how I lost the last ten pounds and achieved a lean, ripped look.

What’s Your Fitness Background?

I’m a fitness fanatic and have been involved in athletics for over 30 years.

Ironman BikingFor over 20 years, I’ve lifted weights, boxed, ran, biked, hiked, swam, played volleyball and anything else I could think to do challenge my body.  During my twenties, I was a power lifter and I spent most of those years weighing in around 240 (80 pounds ago!).  Today, I lift approximately 1/2 of what I could lift back then and all I can say is the old adage.. “If I knew then what I know now”.  I’m not sure why I ever cared about seeing how big and strong I could get.  It was a fun time in life, but crafting a lean physique is definitely on par with the level of enjoyment I experienced back in the day.. without the accompanying aches and pains.  The surprise in getting lean has been just how much my body has healed and how much better I feel every day.

I’ll admit that every so often today, I would like to throw in a few of those 9,000 calorie days that were my normal diet back then!

Ironman Arizona

Ironman Arizona

In my 30’s the knees started giving out so I had to say goodbye to my favorite fitness activity of doing squats.  My focus later became marathons and triathlons, including 2 Ironman Triathlons in Florida and Arizona.  This was probably still not the best choice for the knees but far less painful than 600+ lb squats that I would engage in biweekly.

What’s Next For Fitness?

For my personal goals, I’m still focused on getting down to 8% body fat. Afterwards, I will start on my next goal of keeping the body fat that low while putting on 10-20 lbs of muscle.  I expect that to be a tough task but looking forward to the challenge in 2014!

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