Here’s a spreadsheet to allow for some fast food tracking. I was using a couple online sites but grew frustrated at all the required fields for tracking that I didn’t need. I wanted overall calories, how many calories I still needed, and macro-nutrient breakdowns.

Directions: You can simply use the spreadsheet as a calorie tracker and ignore Boxes L3-M25 or…  Set your High Calorie/Low Calorie Day and Ratios in Boxes M4-M12, as well as your Macro Ratios in M5, M6, M7 (for low calorie days) and M9,M10M11 (for high calorie days).   These boxes are useful for displaying how many calories you still need in L15-M25.  
To Track: Simply enter values in A2 – G27.  Enter your food item and grams of Protein, Carbs and Fat at the least.  All other fields are optional.  
To Reset and Remove Current Items: Simply highlight any/all values you entered from A2-G27, right-click and select ‘Clear Contents’.  You’re now ready to enter your own foods.

Tabs exist on the bottom of the spreadsheet, for additional days.

Total Calories every day (K27) should be your primary goal. Macros can be off a bit here and there but keep calories in check.  Also good to occasionally go a little lower on your ‘Low Carb’ days.. skip a meal now & then.