No Cardio Cutting

Getting lean can be a challenge but getting down-right ripped often means a 100% commitment to detail.  Diet is quite obviously the most important factor and cardio is usually factored in to some degree, but it begs the question..

Can you get ripped without cardio?

Having covered the topic of burning subcutaneous fat in a past article, we found several scientific studies that confirmed aerobic exercising does little in the way of burning fat.  Might comparing normal fat loss to individuals seeking a competition level of fat loss yield different results?

It’s almost a standard prescription.  If you’re looking to get your body fat into single digits, body builders prescribe cardio.  My objection to this is in knowing far too many individuals who maintain extremely low body fat without doing any cardio whatsoever.

Time to Test

I’ve explained my recent nutrition update and I’m seeing almost instant results with it so I plan to adhere to the plan for the entire month of November, at the least.

If I’m still seeing results at the end of November, I’ll continue moving forward.  If not, I’ll likely go back to carb cycling for all of December.

This decision comes on the heels of being offered some free gym time at a local cross-training gym.  I’ve been chomping at the bit to hit some cross-training after hearing some friends rave about it.  They’re enjoying competing against each other and that’s always the word that draws me in and creates my “want to”.

I’ll be resisting the cross-fit offer for now solely because I want to test my theory and see how truly lean and ripped I can get without any cardio.  It’s going to require a lot of extra discipline and like most people in a large work environment, I’m already facing those challenges to a greater degree every day right now.

I can’t walk anywhere at work without seeing bowls of chocolates and sweets.  Halloween definitely produced a generous bunch of co-workers.  Thankfully, most of my eating is during the afternoon hours, rather it’s my high-fat day or my high-carb day.

Stay Tuned

I’m looking forward to taking and showing my most recent results at the end of this year.  I’m pretty proud of the fact that I’m closing in on a full year of eating healthy, for the first time in my life.

At this point, it’s about making modifications and trying different things until I succeed in getting as lean as possible.  I’m close guys..  and I’m really hoping I can prove that a 40-something year old can get lean and ripped by simply dieting and weight-lifting.

I’ll let you know soon!


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