As stated in my post yesterday, I’m trying out a few of my own personal theories on fasting by performing a full day fast every third day.

This will actually equate to more than a 24-hour fast.  I always get my last meal in at 9pm and for the third day fasts, I’ll continue this practice on the night before.  This means I’ll skip eating from 9pm all through the next day and night until waking at 8am again the next day.

That’s a full 35 hour fast every 3 days.

Sound harmful?  It’s not.  It’s not only beneficial but seems to be the ideal “sweet spot” for increased BMR.

If you read my previous post, you’ll better understand the logic behind this but even still, let’s show the chart that proves the benefit of fasting for 35 hours.

metabolic rate while fasting chart


The metabolic rate increase begins at 16 hours of the fast (Lean Gains approach) and continues on for a full 48 hours.

As stated by the associated research, “Although prolonged total starvation is associated with an absolute reduction in basal metabolic rate (BMR), during the first 2 days of starvation there is often a small absolute increase in BMR relative to values obtained after an overnight fast.”

35 hour fast? Perfect!

I’ll emphasize that I’m trying this 30 day fasting experiment as a test. It’s a great time because my body weight has stabilized and I have been tracking every calorie for weeks. I’m not recommending anyone try it just yet and if it does work, I suspect the very long window of fasting will deter many.

I prefer to focus on the fact that for the next 20/30 days, I get to eat 3000 calories a day. I haven’t got to do that for some time!  Today was the first day and as I sit here at nearly midnight, I am feeling stuffed!  With the first long fast being tomorrow, that’s a good thing.

I will also be doing no cardio at all during this experiment. I don’t want any controllable variables to influence my results.

Here’s my ‘Before’ numbers, that have been constant for the last 2 weeks:

  • Weight: 156.4 lbs
  • Lifting:  4 days a week.  Every other day + legs every 6th day
  • Cardio or other exercise:  None
  • Calories:  1800 p/ day
  • Macros: 57% Protein, 18% Carbs, 25% Fat (Near Ketosis)
  • Body Fat: 11%

Here’s my ‘New’ plan:

  • Lifting:  Exactly the same
  • Cardio:  None
  • Calories: 3,000 every 2 days.  35 hour fast every third day.
  • Macros:  40% Protein, 36% Carbs, 24% Fat

As you see, the carbs have been hugely increased.  I’m curious to see the effect after a couple weeks.  I have  no doubt my weight will increase greatly at first.  Just filling those glycogen stores is going to make a difference.  This means nothing though, and I’ll have a much better picture of how things are progressing after a couple weeks.

Questions I’m wanting answered:

  • What will be the result of going from 50-80 carbs p/ day to near 300 on feeding days?
  • Will fat loss occur?
  • Will increasing my overall average calories to maintenance (from the deficit I’ve been maintaining) lead to weight loss/gain?
  • Does a higher window for increased BMR lead to better results?

I’m really looking forward to this next 30 days..

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