The Fad Diet

Check the shelves at your local book store or do a quick online search and see how many different diets you can find.  In either case, you’ll find hundreds of results very quickly… most every resource claiming  “secret new approaches” to weight loss and the self-proclaimed answer to all your weight loss woes.

I’ve always been hesitant to name a specific diet to anyone wanting to lose weight.

Why’s that?

Well first.. the word “diet” should be abolished.  It should fall into the category of politically incorrect jargon, never to be used again.

Until the public truly embraces the importance of a permanent change in dietary habits to maintain ongoing good health, the “diet” word will only serve to confuse and confound the majority of the public by presenting a temporary fix as the solution to weight loss.

I take a deep breath when anyone asks me, “What’s the best diet to lose weight?”.

The best answer is always “the one you can live with the rest of your life.”  With this answer, we’ve changed the mindset of what’s needing to be accomplished from a temporary fix to a permanent solution.

When considering a 90 day diet against a diet that must be maintained for life, the choices made become drastically different.  Gone are the thoughts of fad diets promising unrealistic results.  People realize that lifetime choices require more critical thinking.

This is when real progress is made… when your body composition is altered in a permanent manner instead of being fooled by temporary ups and downs reflected in the numbers on the scale.

Spotting the Fad Diet

The longer you’re in the world of fitness and nutrition, the easier it becomes.  Unfortunately though, there are likely thousands of new diet converts making their way to the world of nutrition for the first time every day.  The overload of misinformation can be a huge stumbling block for first-timers who are sincere in their search for authentic diet and nutrition information.

How do you know if it’s a “fad diet”?

It sounds too good to be true.  Promises of dramatic, instant and/or overnight results should be an instant red flag.  There’s no quick and easy way to losing fat.  There are tried and true methods that will absolutely work but be willing to put the work in.

A particular product is heavily recommended and often.  The best foods to lose weight are lean meats, vegetables and fruits.  No protein powders or supplements of any kind will change this.  There’s typically always an angle when someone is pushing a product on you and it has less to do with your health and more to do with making money off of you.

The program is overly strict in it’s approach. If you’re looking to get in competition body building shape, that’s a great reason to be overly strict. Losing fat and getting in better shape requires a sensible nutrition plan and allows the occasional window to go outside that plan. Sometimes, life calls for having fun.

The program promises a guaranteed outcome in “x” number of days. Everyone is built different. What I can achieve in 90 days might take you 120 or you might hit the mark in 60.

fad diets

Build your diet around your lifestyle.  Being ambitious is great but trying to be perfect is more often a sure-fire way to failure so give yourself some room to fail once in a while or you’ll give up entirely.

Weight loss should be achieved through food choices and exercise that you enjoy.  Enjoy the journey too.  It’s a powerful feeling to keep moving forward and seeing fitness goals achieved.  It’s life transforming and can make even the softest of spirits realize they are capable of the greatest of feats.


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