Nutrition and Results

Nutrition is key to changing your body.  It’s at least as much as 80% of the results you get in transforming your body.

I’ve often heard locker room talk that it’s 50% food and 50% working out.  That’s wrong.  Your food plays a far greater role in your physical development.

nutrition confusionIt occurred to me this weekend that fitness sites ( this one included) sometimes make the most simple of concepts seem confusing for people looking for the simplest of information and especially when it comes to nutrition.

The realization came when talking to my younger brother.  He’s an auto mechanic.  He has no interest in hearing about carbs, proteins, macro-nutrients, insulin or anything that is related to the mechanics of weight-loss on any level.

He’s put on a good amount of weight over the last couple years and was asking me the best way to lose it.  I had to stop myself the first three times because my explanations started becoming too in depth and I could see his eyes glaze over with a complete lack of interest.

He’s a smart guy.. but the fact is that the topic of fitness doesn’t interest him in the slightest.  I would have the same level of interest if he started explaining the evolution of the carburetor, so who could blame him?  The science of fitness does nothing for him but living longer does appeal to him and that’s why he wanted a simple approach to losing his new gut.

Losing Weight 101

There’s a good chance you’re scouring the internet and looking for simple weight loss yourself.  Not everyone cares about getting lean or as muscular as possible.  The majority of people don’t want this, actually.

If you’re someone who just wants to drop the gut and remain at a healthy weight, this post is for you.  You don’t need Weight Watchers or some $45 diet book.  Here’s the simplest way to lose weight for the average Joe.

For the Guys:

Start eating 2000 calories a day.  That’s a great place to begin for most guys.  Everything you eat has a nutrition label on it.  Take the total calories and write them down.  Be sure to look at the amount of servings on the package.  If you eat half a small package of pretzels and it says 50 calories a servings and there are 3 servings to a bag, you just ate 1.5 servings… or 75 calories.

Shop the outside aisles of the grocery store. The perimeter of the store generally carries the healthy foods and the aisles carry the crap.

Eat veggies every day. Make the majority of them green, leafy ones.

Eat high protein foods. Check those nutrition labels again and make sure you’re daily total exceeds 100 grams of protein. Remember to check those servings.

Quit drinking pop. Have a diet soda once a day if you must, but stick to water and black coffee.

Keep your carbohydrates under 250 a day.

Drink over 3/4 gallon of water every day.

For the Girls:

Follow all the same rules, but start at 1500 calories a day.

Go Forth and Lose

That’s it guys and girls.  You can still have snacks, eat foods that you crave and you don’t have to do any cardio (though activity of some sort is always recommended).  Just by counting your calories and maintaining a somewhat clean diet, you’ll likely shock yourself at the weight you drop.

Try the above for two weeks.  If it’s working, keep doing it.  If it’s not, you may have to either adjust your caloric intake just slightly or cut back on the fatty/sugary foods in your diet.

You may realize that you were easily getting 4000-5000 calories or more a day.  Losing weight is a simple formula.  You need to burn more calories that you consume and most guys burn around 1800 a day without doing anything.

If you find yourself getting hungry, remember that the water, protein and vegetables will make you feel full longer so eat and drink more.

Enjoy your weight loss.


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