Glass of waterSix days are nearly completed in my 7-Day Fast and surprisingly, day 6 has been the easiest so far.

Energy levels were up all day. Amazingly, I hit the gym and did two miles on the treadmill (it was way too hot to walk outside) and afterwards, I hit the pull-up bar for a couple sets to failure and followed that up with three sets of push-ups to failure.

There’s a bit of natural euphoria that comes with extended fasting. I’ve referred to it as brain-fog in my first few posts on fasting and that’s accurate, but I’ve learned that the longer you fast, the more this fog creates a “happy” feeling. It’s quite nice and I dig it.

It’s much like the tingly skin you feel when laying on a bed, being completely relaxed and feeling yourself fall asleep – only you get to feel this while sitting at your desk or driving your car, and for most of the day.


Today was the first day of my fast that I tasted the metallic flavor in the mouth that many other extended fasters talk about. I could have done without this. The taste is terrible and at one point, I was looking around for the dog doo-doo I stepped in.

It’s sure to make you keep your distance in all your conversations.

The taste has been sporadic throughout the day and only tends to last a few minutes at a time when it does appear.

Tomorrow is the big day! After work, I shall feast on a meal my wife is making me with the sweetest of flavors. I plan to stay near a restroom while eating in the evening as I have no idea how my body will handle food.

I’ll report back after the body is refueled and I’ve fully indulged in what will likely be the best tasting meal of my life.

I’m excited and pretty proud to have lasted for the whole fast.

Talk to you soon!

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