I did it!  I managed to make it through June with a perfect diet and no cheat meals, cheat snacks or breaks from planned exercise.  It was an amazing month that saw me burn another 1% of body fat.

Here’s the overview of what I did:

June 1 – June 14:  2 cardio sessions every day (no missed days).  1 did 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening and several of those minutes were going “all out” and pushing it as hard as possible.

During this stretch, I worked on with weights 5X a week, meaning most days, I worked out 3X a day.  That’s only possible in my life because I am fortunate enough to have a gym right across the street from where I work.  I’ll also give credit to my beautiful wife, for letting me slip away for many of these workouts while she watched the kids.  My wife is awesome.

June 15 – June 30:  For the remainder of the month, I went from 2 15 minute cardio sessions a day to 1 25 minute session.  My weight training schedule was the same.

If you read my previous post, you’ll know that I actually started feeling a little sick when doing the 2 cardio sessions a day, but the ultimate reasoning for switching to one session is that I simply didn’t feel I was getting anything extra out of  2 sessions.

The Results:  I’m leaner and more vascular that I’ve ever been in my life.  June was a lot of work in the gym and I definitely learned some things about my body that will help me to keep progressing to being competition lean, which has been my goal this year.  I weighed in this morning (when I always record my weight), on this first day of July,  and my body weight was lower than it had been any day this year.  I was an astounding 161.6. For someone who has hovered around 210 the last few years, that’s astounding to me.

My body fat calipers show a full percent dropped and if I’m reporting honestly, I’m probably going to have to say it was closer to 1.5%.  The AccuMeasure chart that I use for my calipers shows me hitting a solid 4 and at 43 years old, you’ll see that’s a reported 9.2% body fat.  Awesome!

Also, if ever I was questioning my results for the month of June, I can honestly say that I saw more positive feedback, compliments and “how to” questions on my diet and exercise program than I had previously received all year.  It’s crazy but once you hit a certain low body fat place, everyone wants to know “the secret”!

What I Learned:   A lot!  First of all, if you were following my posts throughout the experiment that was June, you’ll know that I went from 2 tough cardio sessions a day and eating clean to 1 cardio session a day and eating clean but now counting macro-nutrients/calories and carb cycling.  This taught me more about my body than anything I had done all year.  I learned that I can eat clean all day long, every day and do cardio all day long but nothing is going to compete with counting my calories every day for burning away the last 10 pounds of fat.

Carb Cycling is the key!  After the first 14 days of the month, I also added in carb cycling.  I figured up my diet using my carb cycling calculator and stuck to my daily macros like glue.  The scale didn’t really even move the first 2 weeks of this month, despite feeling like I worked harder with cardio, and yet the last 2 weeks saw me lose close to 2 full pounds.  I learned that diet is the ultimate factor in dropping the last few pounds.  Exercise, both cardio and weight training, are necessary too but diet is what will push you over the hump.

I can eat clean and give up junk food.  I really thought I would struggle with going this long without eating something chocolatey, sugary, fried or full of fat.  30 days is a long time to not even eat so much as an M&M candy.. or so it seemed at first.  In truth, eating clean gets easier the longer you do it and if you prepare every day, having the needed food on hand before meal time, you’ll make it.  I did and if I can, you can too.

What’s Next:  July is going to extend my current carb cycling to a full six weeks.  I’m not sure what the magic number is in terms of weight for getting down to around 5-6% body fat, but my gut feelins is that I will see that around the 155 mark.  Unlike June, I plan to have a couple “regular meals” this month.  I have a July 4th dinner date with the in-laws and I’m going to make that my high carb day and just enjoy whatever I like in the way of finding something on the menu relatively healthy but not really counting any calories/macros and just enjoying the dining experience.

As with every day in June, here’s how I finished the month eating.  These are my last 5 diet days of June.  Every calorie I put in my mouth all month long has been officially recorded on a post here.

You can click each pic below to enlarge.. and see my last 5 days of eating in June:

June 26 Diet Plan

June 26th

June 27 Meal Plan

June 27th

June 28 Meal Plan

June 28th

June 29 Meal Plan

June 29th

June 30 Meal Plan

June 30th

One observation about my June diet is that I ate almost the same foods all month long. I think that introducing the most variety is probably to the greatest advantage but I love easy so that was the route I took. I also really enjoy all the clean foods I eat so no reason to change much right now.

I’m looking forward to see what the month of July brings me for results.

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