Day five was the toughest but only two days left and my seven-day fast will be complete.

Today was the lowest I’ve been on energy since starting my fast. That might have had a bit to do with me spending a lot of time in the outdoors, with my kiddos. I was trying to pace myself, but I felt a bit zombie-like.

Hunger was in and out all day. Where prior days have seen me either hungry or not, I was fine for a couple hours and then dreaming about food for the next hour. This evening has been better, thankfully.

Weight was down 3 pounds lower than my average all year. I’m not too concerned as I’m not a low-carber and this week I’m a no-carber. That means a couple good high-carb meals and my glycogen will be back up.. and I’ll probably add at least five pounds overnight.

I’ll be ending my fast on Tuesday evening at 6pm, which will technically be three hours away from the last time I ate on last Tuesday at 9pm, but.. mission accomplished. I’m dreaming of my first meal and I’ll likely indulge in something a little more than the oft-recommended fruit for the first meal.

And finally.. the body fat definitely looks far less than five days ago. I’m anxious to see what two more days will do. I’ll be posting a pic at the end of my fast and you can compare and let me know what you think.

I’m really looking forward to Tuesday. Have a great week..

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