How to Look Good Naked

My wife and I have a particular way of gauging our fat loss and lean muscle mass.  It’s not using a weight scale or fat calipers.  We just simply want to look good naked.

Looking good naked is one of the best motivators in achieving fat loss.

At about 12% body fat, I look pretty good.. in clothes.  But if I apply the “naked litmus test”, it will never do.  At 12% or above, I can still see too much fat and quite frankly, it’s enough fat to make me realize that I have some work to do.

Aside from the great feeling I derive by driving my body fat down under 10%, here’s some more great reasons to look good naked.

5 Reasons to Look Good Naked

1)  No jiggling.  Sometimes I’m lying in bed and I’m suddenly struck by the thought that I forgot something in my car.  It’s pretty nice to do a quick short burst out to the vehicle and the only thing shaking is my keys.  Hope the neighbors aren’t watching!

2) You feel sexier.  When I was at my highest body fat percentage (almost 30%), I just lost that feeling of being sexy.  After getting back in shape again, I am back to saying “Me Tarzan.  You Jane”.  My wife loves it when my sex drive is increased.  I sense that same sexual confidence in her when she maintains her goal weight.

3) Confidence in Life.  When I get lean, I feel as good as any day in my teens and that’s really saying something.  My energy levels are up like never before and my confidence translates into everything I do I life.  I realize I’m jogging half the time when I get out of my car and do something as simple as grabbing something at the store.  Being lean really spills over and affects every day life in a very positive way.

4)  I am reminded of my greatness.  Specifically, I’m just reminded that I can do anything I put my mind to.  Every time I really lock the eating down 100% and get ripped, a new me emerges and I actually start considering goals that I used to think of as impossible, realizing that I can truly do anything when I set my mind right.

5)  You can bathe with the one you love.  Granted, this actually requires that you and the one you love are lean but when my wife and I both dropped all our fat, we realized that we could now use the jetted hot tub together and that’s just a great reason to lose weight all by itself!

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