The Moment of Indulgence

There’s really nothing like being hungry, sitting down and getting ready to throw back a whole pizza that is fresh out of the oven and tempting you with the most sensational of aromas.  What is it about that moment that makes it so delightful?

What’s with this temporary state of euphoria that we feel before indulging in meats, cheeses and all those carbs that are going to ultimately do us a disservice?

It’s actually a combination of many senses.  Our taste buds are sensory organs that allow us to experience the flavor of food.  But they’re not the lone blame.  The smell of food is also a large contributor.  Try holding your nose through a meal sometime and you’ll discover that the impact of flavor is greatly lessened.

Actually, we all learned that as kids when we were forced to eat our spinach.

Get Past the Taste!

Taste has become an obsession.  Just last night, I was in line to grab a large black coffee at Starbucks and the lady in front of me was demanding a refund on her Mocha.  She cited that it just didn’t quite taste right.

She was the inspiration for this post.  Don’t get me wrong.. maybe that Mocha really did have a problem, but as I grabbed my venti black and walked out to my car, it had me considering the role of taste in everything we consume.

People often complain about food not tasting good.  The average person loves pizza, burger, fries, chicken nuggets and let’s not even discuss the breakfast menu at McDonalds.  It’s easy to come by, tastes great and makes you feel full.. for the next couple hours.

Consider this..

Once that fleeting moment of flavor is over, your body is overloaded with all the wrong macro-nutrients.  A flood of insulin comes racing in to combat those high-glycemic carbs but it’s too many calories, too late.

The flavor is gone as are the few minutes of pleasure experienced in eating all those carbs, proteins and fats.  Your body now has a choice to use that food as energy or building blocks for new tissue.

Herein lies the problem.  Fast foods contain loads of bad fats and simple sugars, most often in the form of high fructose corn syrup.  High levels of insulin are followed by fat storage.

Those yummy feelings that last all of a few minutes can bring regret that will last a lifetime if the problem is compounded on a daily basis so don’t do it!

Think about the effect of food and realize that it’s just instant gratification.  Indulge here and there but don’t make it a habit.  Take control of your life and you’ll feel far better than a lifetime of sugary, fatty foods could ever make you feel.

If we can manage to consistently beat cravings, we’ll ultimately learn to eat right and improve our overall quality of life.

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