Four days of fasting are in the books. Today made for yet another unique experience.

I started the day off at 9am by taking my three year-old daughter to McDonalds for her favorite – pancakes and sausage (she only ever eats 1 pancake but she loves the sausage). As I sat there and smelled what she was eating, I realized that the hunger certainly wasn’t unbearable but it wasn’t completely gone either. I’d give it a seven, which is more than I usually feel in the way of morning hunger – probably because I rarely ever eat until after 1pm.

Truth be known, I’d have loved a big bite of sausage and pancakes but I was content in not feeling starved.

So things were going well – until about 1pm when I got really hungry and irritable. I think the crankiness was increased because I had read several blogs where day four was a cakewalk and I wasn’t feeling that – yet.

Hunger would make itself known for the next few hours, increasing more and more and then suddenly..  it all went away. It was right about 3pm and I realized I wasn’t hungry at all.  Strange!

Unexpectedly, my brain fog (slow-motion as I’ve previously described it) all went away at this same time. I actually felt energetic again and I’ve felt great all evening. I just got back from Walmart and walked through the food aisles (for my wife) with no craving at all.

I’m not sure what physiological processes are happening to lessen the desire for food while increasing energy after going so long with no food, but I’m pretty happy about the whole situation on this evening.

If I had to guess, I suspect that the body has become more efficient at using ketones for glucose, which the brain requires to function but simply isn’t used to getting in the way of fat only. Pure speculation.

Three more days! I’m actually feeling good enough to go walk a mile or two outside, before bed, which I’m headed out to do right now. The weather’s amazing.

It’s 11pm and I feel great after four days of absolutely no food. Love it!

Stay tuned.  This is getting interesting…

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