I love carb cycling.  I love that I get to pig out on carbs every 4th day.  Don’t get me wrong.. I eat clean and make sure all my calories count but there’s a feeling of joy in knowing you get to eat 300 carbs vs 150.  Today, I felt very satiated, despite the lowering of calories yesterday.

This likely won’t be the case every day and especially as my body begins to adjust to less calories on low carb days.

As for results..

I used my calipers this morning to measure fat. I was a bit worried because my weight’s been up a pound or two lately, but the calipers don’t lie and they showed a slight reduction in fat. The cardio and diet are working!

The last 6 pounds are going to be tough, but I think that’s about the amount I’ll need to drop to be lean as desired. Time will tell.

Here’s what was on the menu today… (click to enlarge)

June 18 Diet

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