Progress Update

Well today was special.  It was the first time in 25 years that I weighed 153.2!  For reference, that was my high school graduating weight (substantially more muscle these days)!

It’s crazy when I consider the journey I’ve taken my body on in the last 25 years.

I now weigh 83.8 lbs less than when I was 30 years old and at my heaviest (237 lbs).

Granted.. this weight won’t stick for a while yet, as I just fasted for 35 hours and I plan to eat 3,000 calories today and tomorrow before another 35 hour fast.

I suspect I’ll waiver back and forth between 5-6 pounds a day over the course of my 30 day experiment with third day fasting.  I just really want to see what kind of overall results this provides.  If you haven’t read the original post, I encourage you too.

I’m getting extreme this month, in regards to fasting.

What Happens Next?

I’ll admit it.. I’m excited about my results and it has me wondering..  Maybe I should go for a few less calories still?

P/ my original post, I was averaging 2,000 calories a day (my maintenance level) over a three-day period.  I divide that by 2 days and fast on the third, for a total of 3,000 calories a day.

That’s three days of a jacked-up metabolic rate (fasting is proven to increase metabolic rate up to 48 hours).

Or maybe..

Since this experiment is about getting fat-loss results, I’m giving more thought to 2,500 calories a day.  That’s still well over maintenance and I can’t help but think that it will increase fat burning.

Then again…

A daily calorie deficit would create an even great weekly calorie deficit and seems to have worked in getting me down to my current weight while still maintaining a lot of muscle (I have lost some strength but not much).  Maybe I should consider this for the two days I’m eating..  and look at getting around 1800 a day?

Can you tell that I really enjoy experimenting on myself?

For now, I will wait on actually creating a daily calorie deficit and stick to higher calories.  This is my last update on my new approach for about a week so I’ll fill you in on the latest progress and decisions, on my return.

I’m still highly recommending fasting for fat loss, so if you haven’t looked into it, check out Martin or Brad’s blog.  They’re the pros.  I’m just trying a creative combination involving both of their approaches.



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