Working Hard to Eat Bad

My coworker and I decided to workout over lunch, as we often do.

chocolateAfter an amazing workout, we left the gym..  and pulled in to a convenience store to fill up on gas before heading back to the office.  I was topping off the the tank and when I looked up, [Bob] (Fictitious names will be used to protect the guilty) came barreling out with a Mountain Dew and Hershey’s chocolate bar.

I shot him that, “Dude.. what are you doing?” look and he just grinned and replied “Hey.. I worked out hard.  I can eat a few bad calories now!”.

We’ve all been there.  I’ve probably used one or more of these myself:

  • It’s a holiday.  Calories don’t count!
  • I didn’t eat much for lunch, so I’m just having a little snack.
  • I’ll just have a few hand-fulls of that movie popcorn.  No way I would eat that a bucket like everyone else though!

The list could easily go on and on.

If there’s one skill that we human being learn early online, it’s rationalizing for the purpose of getting what we want without the added guilt.

Sticking to Your Goals

There’s a time for junk food, for excess calories and even for that movie popcorn.  We all put enough work into the gym that we deserve the occasional break!  (oops.. there I go rationalizing again!)

We just need to be careful about trading our hard earned work away for a few moments of temporary satisfaction.  It’s an easy habit to fall into.

How do we avoid the candy bar temptation?

We maintain rules.

Having rules is crucial to getting lean.  Having a set of rules means planning ahead.  It’s having already decided what is allowed before you ever come face to face with temptation.

It’s the only way to be successful in your dieting and nutrition program.

delicious cake

Having a set of rules means planning a time for junk food and not deciding whether or not to indulge when faced with the choice.

Decide the timing of your “cheat meals” ahead of time and don’t stray too far from the set of rules you create for yourself.

Planning “Unplanned” Meals

We’re human.  We’re going to make mistakes, we’re going to indulge once in a while and we’re going to change our minds.

It’s called “living” and sometimes life just gets in the way of our best laid plans.

There are going to be moments and opportunities to eat bad or simply stray a little from your current diet plan.  Do it!  No diet should have you living by a set of rules so strict that you can’t change it up once in a while.

(Actually, let me qualify that statement..  if you’re under 10% body fat and trying to drop down around 5 or 6 percent body fat, don’t even think about cheating.)

There’s going to be those unplanned occasions and “get togethers” where family and friends want to eat.

If you’re in this situation, and it’s sabotaging the perfect week of nutrition you had planned, I’d suggest to go with the flow and simply give up that next cheat day you had planned.  It’s a guilt-free way to continually enjoy dinners with family and friends and not mess up your workout routine.

No more excuses that allow us to continually eat bad and diminish results of lean gains.  We’re leaning up our lives and we’re stronger than that.

And in case you’re wondering…

I told Bob he was an idiot but he just laughed at me.  We drove a ways down the road and I stopped short at the next stop light and watched the Mountain Dew spew forth, all over Bob’s clothes.  I laughed hard.  Bob called me a jackass.  He was probably right, but you shouldn’t grab a candy bar after a good workout.


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