A Lean New Year

Here’s to 2012 and all that you achieved en route to your lean body.

Hopefully, 2012 was a year that saw positive change in many areas of your life.  All positive growth is an open door to even greater opportunity.

In the diet world, 2012 saw a fair share of positive health trends, many of which we hope to see continue.  Meal frequency is slowly being recognized as not necessary.  Macro-nutrient ratios are still considered important and calories in/calories out still gets the nod for the most important factor in fat loss.

Here’s a look at the top diet trends of 2012.

Fat is Your Friend

Thankfully, dietary fat is finally getting the positive recognition it is so deserved.  Healthy new fats are needed to rid the body of stubborn body fat and by focusing your eating on unsaturated fats, such as found in nuts, avocados, olive oil and fish, one can accelerate fat burning in the body while supplying healthy brain food that aids with mental focus and clarity.

If you’re on a diet and limiting calories and/or carbohydrates in an attempt to get lean, the added benefit of mental clarity is a must.

While the jury is still out on carbohydrates (some diets swear by them and some vilify them), fats have become regarded as highly important, across the board.  Many keto diets are built on high fat solutions and the results are impressive.

Intermittent Fasting is Hip

IF (Intermittent Fasting), has been around a few years and 2012 has only increased the popularity.

Whether you choose to eat in an eight-hour window everyday or do the occasional 24-hour fast, there are benefits to be gained by fasting.

While IF isn’t a magic bullet for results, many regard it as a nice alternative to eating every few hours.

The Importance of Nutrients Has Emerged

It’s always been considered important to “eat your greens” but 2012 has really expounded on the many benefits of getting your calories from a range of different foods.  Nutrients have a highly positive effect on your diet goals.

It’s not just about greens either. There’s a full spectrum of vitamins and nutrients that your body needs while dieting.  Depriving your body of nutrients while in a caloric deficit is a roadblock to results, so eat a lot of different foods and take those vitamins.

Say ‘No’ to Sugar

The detriments of sugar and substitutes, such as high-fructose corn syrup, continue to be highlighted and when it comes to losing fat, sugar is public enemy number one.  Nothing else can hinder results like ingesting large amounts of sugar, as is still so common in the average American diet.

Sugar is also the culprit for heart disease, as Dr. Sinatra talks about in his book, ‘The Great Cholesterol Myth‘.  Sugar also causes problems such as cancer, diabetes, depression and many other health related issues.

Remove sugar from your diet and you’ll welcome a new life that carries many health benefits.

What’s New in 2013?

While 2013 will no doubt present some new diet trends and give us new information, the formula for being healthy will remain the same.  Eat in moderation and choose healthy foods.

Hopefully, you learned some things about your body in 2012 and can use that to even further your results in this new year.

Rather you started last year or 2013 is your “year of change”, make a pact for a healthier you and make 2013 the year that you finally achieved that lean, hard body you always desired.

Happy New Year to everyone.  Love your family and friends.  We’re all here for a just a short while… let’s enjoy the journey together.

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