Today marks the seventh day of my fast and at just past 6pm, it was officially over. I indulged in food and it was good. More on that in a few…

Prior to eating today, it was the lowest I have been on energy all week long. I was walking with my kids at that park and had to literally quit taking steps a few times. I just wanted to sit down in the grass for a few minutes. It was as exhaustion comparable to some of the hardest workout days I’ve had over the years.

I visited my dad graveside and fell asleep with my head on his headstone. It was just that kind of afternoon.

Hunger wasn’t bothering me at all today. It seems that I had reached a point where my body was used to not getting food and had adjusted for it.

Everything was in slow-motion all morning and afternoon long and I felt like it took a few seconds to fully comprehend what someone was saying to me.

I was feeling like a slug. It was time for this seven-day fast to end.

Ending the Fast

To celebrate, I bit into the sweetest cantaloupe of my life. It was sweet like no fruit I’ve ever had before. Here’s a quick look at my glorious moment. (Please forgive the poorly recorded iPhone video):

20 minutes later…
Eggs and SausageI fried up three eggs in coconut oil and added some sausage and two slices of butter toast. Never before have eggs tasted this good.

All week long I’ve read the importance of breaking a fast slowly. Most people mention to sip soups and fruit for a few days. I avoided that advice, having just over 2,000 calories this evening with no problems at all.

My first trip to the throne in six days took place three hours after I ate but there was nothing uncomfortable about it. Quite quick and easy actually.

Three hours after my eggs, I had my wife’s specially made (for me) spaghetti and meatballs with green peppers and all kinds of yummy stuff. Again.. no problems at all. Stomach felt fine.

The spaghetti was extraordinary!

It felt so fine, in fact, that I went out to the garage and actually had a great shoulder workout. The energy I felt after that first bit of food was amazing and immediate. By the time I finished a spaghetti supper, I felt like I could carve an ice-city with a chainsaw. I was surprisingly strong too.

I’m pretty happy about completing my goal. I would have never dreamed this was something I was even capable of. I learned a ton about me and my body. I’m still kind of on cloud nine about the whole thing.

I’ll write up a summary post on the entire experience soon and  I’ll include a lot of things that I’ve skipped over this week.

My weight this morning was 155.6 lbs. I previously reported that I started that fast at 172.2 so there you go.. I lost nearly 17 pounds. Don’t get too excited about that if you’re considering something like this for weight loss. I’m confident that around 10 lbs of that is water from glycogen depletion. I’ll likely be well over 160 in the morning.

That said, I was already fairly lean when starting the fast, so I’m sure others with more body fat could drop substantially more in the same amount of time.

Before and after pictures coming tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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