Day 10Sun Muscle – The result of a long outdoor volleyball tournament combined with proper nutrition, including lots of protein. πŸ™‚

Okay.. so I may not be actually gaining muscle on these days but nothing makes me feel quite as fit as playing outdoors, all day, on a hot summer day. It makes me feel as though the fat is just melting away.

Overall, it was a great day. The sun always makes it extra special for me. After volleyball, I headed straight to the gym and did a tough 15 minutes. It was a surprisingly good workout.

The tough one was tonight’s workout. It was also the first time I didn’t have access to a gym for my HIIT session.

To improvise, I decided to head out and look for a hill. At 10pm, I realized I only needed to walk as far as the business strip parking lot next door to my house. It has a pretty decent incline and I decided to sprint to the top, jog back down and repeat for the full 15 minutes. It only took 25 seconds to sprint to the top but by minute 8, I wasn’t sure I was going to make a full 15 minutes.

Well, I survived and completed the task. It was a great workout and if my legs and knees don’t feel any lingering effects, I may work that particular training into my cardio sessions more often.

We shall see!

A few less calories today. Here’s what I ate…

Kre-Ex (1 scoop) – 34 Calories, 8.5 Carbs
Cyto-Carb2 (2 scoops) – 105 Calories, 26 Carbs
Macrobolic MRP Meal Replacement – 350 Calories, 32 Protein, 39 Carbs, 7 Fat
4 hours of outdoor volleyball
Macrobolic MRP Meal Replacement – 350 Calories, 32 Protein, 39 Carbs, 7 Fat
15 minute cardio
Sublime Protein (2 scoops chocolate) – 244 Calories, 46 Protein, 6 Carbs, 4 Fat
1/4 cup oatmeal – 75 Calories, 2.5 Protein, 13.5 Carbs, 1.5 Fat
Chicken Breast (12 oz) – 330 Calories, 77 Protein, 0 Carbs, 3 Fat
Egg Beaters (16 oz) – 250 Calories, 50 Protein
Mixed Veggies (1/2 pound) – 125 Calories, 5 Protein, 25 Carbs
Olive Oil (1/2 tbsp) – 60 Calories, 7 Fat
Daily Totals: 1923 Calories, 244 Protein, 157 Carbs, 29 Fat

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