About 30 days ago, I was contacted by a friend who works for Advanced Molecular Labs and he was espousing the many benefits of the new Thermo Heat fat burners.

My position on fat burners is probably typical of most others who have spent a lot of time trying to drop a few pounds and get lean – they don’t work.

Still.. this friend insisted that Thermo Heat was different. Apparently, it’s a “one of a kind” new fat burning solution that uses bile acids or “brown fat” to burn fat away. I heard talk of “cutting-edge” and “scientific breakthrough” and every sales-driven phrase you might encounter in the supplement section of any Muscle & Fitness magazine.

We chatted about this product for a good ten minutes and I didn’t hide my lack of enthusiasm. My argument was based on logic and reason – that fat burners can’t work if you’re taking in more calories than you’re expending and that a caloric deficit would still be required to burn fat.

And then he asked me what I had hoped he would.

“If I get you some, would you give it a try?”

Well hell yeah. I’m always up for trying out the “latest and greatest” supplement in the body building market. Even better, he was going to send me free samples.

My Thermo Heat Results

True to his word, my old pal sent me a crap-ton of Thermo Heat fat burners. I received them three days after our conversation.

This was the perfect time for me to try these because I had been maintaining weight the last ten days and getting the exact same amount of calories.

The label had the typical “don’t overdue it” warnings and it promised increased thyroid production, which leads to an elevated metabolism. Sounds like a dream.

Today marks exactly two weeks that I’ve taken Thermo Heat and guess what? I’m not a single pound lighter. What I can tell you about Thermo Heat, is that it makes a great appetite suppressant. I had been eating 2,300 calories a day to maintain my current weight and I found that I really had no desire to eat for about five hours after taking these little diet pills. That’s pretty typical for any fat-burning pill though.

For this reason alone, I suspect, we’ll see a myriad of reviews claiming that these fat burners are amazingly effective. Bad news – they’re not. I made it a point to maintain 2,300 calories and I kept my macros exactly the same throughout this experiment to make sure the results weren’t skewed. The scale didn’t budge in either direction and the mirror didn’t reflect any changes in body composition.

These fat burners will make you sweat a lot and if you like the feeling of an increased heart-rate, you’ll love these. If you’re not fond of this feeling, I’d advise you to stay far away from this product.

Thermo Heat is expected to hit the retail shelves on March 1, 2014. You’ll likely soon hear a lot about it as I understand that there are some major funders behind this product.

Unfortunately, my findings are that Thermo Heat is yet another ineffective fat loss product – good for suppressing the appetite but not much more.

Want to lose fat? Unfortunately, you’ll have to employ the centuries old technique of burning more calories than you consume. Eat less and move more.

No shortcuts found here.

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