There’s a ton of websites that offer advice on ways to control your hunger but for those of us with body fat is in the single digits and desire to decrease that number even further, some of those rules simply don’t apply.

One of the most popular pieces of advice is in regards to snacking and what you should and shouldn’t eat to curb your appetite.

If you’re looking to have those abs portraying the sliced and diced look, you can’t just randomly snack on low-glycemic foods whenever the hunger urge strikes and expect to get ripped.

Getting down to 8% or less requires the strictest eating of your entire life.  If you don’t believe in calorie counting, now is the time to believe in calorie counting.

The majority of people will no longer be able to have a cheat meal every few days and the “cheat day” is certainly no longer a viable option.  The occasional re-feed day is still important but not to be confused with consuming any junk you want, popularized by the oft-eating cheat meal crowd.

Controlling Hunger

Today’s post comes from yet another real-life conversation.  In talking to a couple co-workers who are considering a serious diet in the coming new year (yes.. that sounds ridiculous to me too), they voiced their main objections and the inability to control cravings was tops on their list.

I’m really pushing these two individuals to allow me to train them and setup their diets but I can tell that the level of commitment isn’t there yet, so until that happens, I don’t offer much more than a friendly ear.

If that does happen, my goals will be to slowly introduce new dietary habits, lose the excess fat first and ultimately, lean them out in ways they never believed possible.. becoming more and more strict on diet as we near the finish line.

In addressing their concerns of staving off hunger and controlling hunger, I’ll offer my following three favorite tips.

Skip Breakfast – This is one of those tips that is contrary to most other lists addressing this topic.  Typically, it’s suggested that skipping breakfast will have you cranky by mid-morning.  This is likely true for those consuming the average American diet.

Boxed, processed foods and high-glycemic carbs are at the core of the way most Americans eat and surprisingly, they’re still seen by many people professing to be on a diet.  I see the Weight Watchers group cracking open processed food on a daily basis at work.

All those sugars and processed crap is what’s making  people hungry again in two hours.

Sugar addiction side, the advantages of skipping breakfast far outweigh the disadvantages.  When you skip breakfast, you engage in a fast every single day.  Fasting has a plethora of benefits and extra-fat burning is just one of the many.

Surprisingly, when you stop eating breakfast, you no longer crave breakfast.  You’ll find that even when you go to sleep somewhat hungry, you’ll awake without any hunger pains and after a little practice, you’ll begin to realize that eating is what makes you hungry a couple hours later.  When you don’t eat, you can literally go far longer into the day without the desire for food.  It’s only when you break your fast that your body then craves food every few hours.

This isn’t just my experience but the experience of dozens of people I’ve personally talked to and most everyone online who engages in the practice of skipping breakfast to burn fat.

Saving time is another advantage to skipping breakfast.  When you realize that you get back all this time every morning, you’ll find that your mornings are a lot more productive, or maybe you will just opt to sleep in longer.  Either way.. extra life reclaimed!

The other great advantage of skipping breakfast is that you get to eat all your calories throughout the rest of the day and evening.  When hunger is typically at it’s worst, you’ll be spending time consuming your favorite healthy meals.

Getting really lean and ripped requires a daily calorie deficit and eating even 25% of those calories before noon makes every day a bit harder to maintain that kind of diet (especially if you are someone who starts eating at around 7am).  Waiting until after noon every day before taking your first bite makes a low daily caloric intake a breeze.

Use BCAA Supplements – You need to be consuming BCAAs every few hours that you are going more than a few hours without eating (don’t interrupt sleep to do so, but partake on waking up).

BCAAs are the building blocks of protein and if you’re doing your shopping right, calorie free.  If you grab the right kind, BCAA mix is absolutely delicious.

If you’re sitting around at 10pm and suddenly find yourself hungry, pour a long, tall glass of water and add a tiny scoop of Xtend BCAAs (my personal favorite) and you’ll be craving nothing else while you slowly sip away at it for the next hour.  It’s sweet and delicious and best of all, it’s helping you to not lose any muscle.

Drink Diet Colas and Chew Lots of Gum – There are still those who argue that diet colas prevent fat loss.  It’s always been a hotly debated topic.  My take?  It doesn’t hurt anything and serves a strong purpose if it keeps you from cheating on foods with calories.

That said, keep the diet colas to a minimum.  Use them if you must though and when you need to, enjoy them immensely.  Zero calorie energy drinks fall into the same category and admittedly, I partake of these with my EC Stack.

Sugarless gum, on the other hand, should be utilized a lot… at least I use it a lot.  It works marvelously.  When someone at work hollers that there are free doughnuts in the break room, I know it’s time to pop in a fresh stick of gum.

That’s all I got for my top tips.  Keep in mind though that when eating a correctly calculated diet of macro-nutrients, your protein and fats will be high and your carbs low.  This, in itself, will help control cravings better than any average diet and certainly better than the traditional American diet of McDonalds burgers and fries.  You’ll soon find that eating far less calories is not nearly so difficult as you might have initially thought.

If you’re new to macro-nutrient eating and maintaining a strict calorie count every day, fear not.  It’s not nearly so difficult as it sounds.  The reduction in calories is only temporary, as you burn away all your fat and then maintenance allows for you to eat more every day again.

You’ll find that you can eat pretty much anything so long as you maintain your macro-nutrient ratios.. and you’ll still achieve your goals.  Maintaining a particular weight becomes a cake-walk (sorry – it was the first metaphor that came to me).

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