Too Much Work

Too much work makes Jeff a dull boy.  You’ll notice the diet today was comprised of nothing but protein shakes and oatmeal for the first three meals.  That’s pretty unusual but there are times when I’m very thankful for the protein and oatmeal shakes that I keep at my desk.

Work demanded a bit more of me than usual.  As a Remote Administrator for a software company, I sometimes get the joy of working odd hours and when a software install at a hospital went a little haywire these last couple days, I found myself working round the clock.  That was no fun.

Today, I simply had too much on my plate to leave for lunch, much less a good workout.

That said, I still ate pretty good overall.  I especially proud of myself for passing up the chocolate chip cookies my beautiful wife baked.  I think my strongest temptations for food might be chocolate chip cookies and fried chicken (not together).  Any time I resist that, it’s a victory.

I was only able to overcome the aroma of cookies by leaving and heading to the gym for my cardio.  It was a great session too.  I am loving the gym right now.

Too Much Work in the Gym?

Never!  It’s a place where “too much work” doesn’t exist and I’m just feeling better and better about shaping up this year.

It’s funny how fast time flies anymore.  I remember starting my healthy eating on January 1st and contemplating whether or not I had the moxy to stick with a strict diet for three months, or maybe six and possibly even.. . just maybe a full year?!  I had my doubts because I know of my love for sweets but truly, with every passing week and month, eating healthy and avoiding sweets gets easier.

Oh, I suspect it would be easy to get a little overboard in the gym and perhaps I was doing that in the first two weeks of this month, with a free weights session and two HIIT sessions a day, but all of that has made my two-a-days seem like cake.  I like my workout routine and diet so much right now, that I foresee sticking to them for some time.

Anyway.. here’s what I ate today.   If you’ve read many previous entries, you’ll notice I don’t stray much.  What I take is easy and quite frankly, it works well. (click the pic for a closeup).

 too much work

Enjoy your training and don’t let too much work get in the way of your results!

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too much work