How powerful are spices? Just the smell of some spices has been proven to increase brain function and alertness. Surprisingly, spices and herbs have more antioxidants for fighting disease that the fruits and vegetables we consume. Spices are natural combatants to cardiovascular disease.

Here’s a list of the top 10 spices that will tantalize your taste buds while stimulating health.

chili peppersChili Peppers

Relieves pain, cold symptoms and congestion.
Prevents gastric damage, stomach/prostate cancer and ulcers.
Improves circulation, heart health, immunity and weight loss.
Reduces cholesterol, triglyceride levels, and blood clots.
Protects the stomach lining.

Relieves pain, nausea and diarrhea.

Antibacterial/Anti-viral and anti-fungal.
Lowers cholesterol, triglyceride levels and risk of blood clots.
Disrupts cancer cells and tumor metabolism.
Improves heart health.

Strong Antioxidant
Anti-inflammatory that fights heart disease and cancer, Alzheimer’s and arthritis
Aids blood flow and digestion
Relieves motion sickness and nausea

Highest anti-oxidant of fresh herbs.
Contains strong anti-bacterial agents thymol and cavacol.

Strong anti-septic and anti-bacterial spice.
Can kill MRSA infections.

Strong antioxidant.
Inhibits tumor formation.
Neutralizes carcinogens.
Prevents artery buildup.

Strong antioxidant.
Reduces cholesterol.
Shown to block formation of some cancers.

Powerful antioxidant.
Helps to manage blood sugar.
Lowers cholesterol.
Relieves swelling, mouth ulcers, menstrual disorders, conjunctivitis, skin disorders, diarrhea and anemia.
Prevents macular degeneration.

Strong antioxidant.
Antimicrobial (kills or inhibits bacterial growth).
Lowers cholesterol.
Manages blood sugar.
Improves arteries and brain function.

ratatouilleIf you’re looking for a great article on the history of spices, check out ‘Spice Up Your Life: The Health Benefits of Spices‘ for a great writeup.

There’s all the health reasons in the world to keep adding those spices to your dishes but health aside, they just taste darned good! The secret is in learning how to use them in perfect combination with our foods. As Remy said in Ratatouille, “[Humans] don’t just survive; they discover; they create. … I mean, just look at what they do with food!”

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