10 Steps to Fat Loss

Fat loss isn’t nearly so hard as it seems.  Unfortunately, most diets will confuse and confound rather than offering the simple path to fat loss.  Here’s the straight facts on fat loss and the methods I use every time I gain a few extra pounds that I know are not muscle.

Drink More Water1)  Drink More Water – Other than water, I typically only drink black coffee, sugarless tea, zero calorie energy drinks and the occasional diet cola (maybe one a week).  I might get a total of 20 calories a week from the sum total of everything I drink.

So why is it that with all other aspects of my diet remaining the same, the scale will drop every time when I substitute all of these drinks for nothing but water?  I honestly don’t know the answer to that but it’s true and it’s proof positive of the importance of drinking lots of water for fat loss.

Physical Activity2) Do 30 – 60 Minutes of Physical Activity Every Day – It’s a great way to stimulate metabolism.  You don’t have to hit a gym and you don’t need a cardio machine to do this.  If you’re walking the dog down to the park and back, you’ve achieved your goal.  Kick a ball or wrestle with the kids.  The home options are endless and no equipment needed.  Be sure and focus on getting the heart rate up a few times with whatever you choose.

Morning Cardio3) Morning Cardio Before Eating – It’s still a hotly debated topic as to whether or not morning cardio has any advantages over late night cardio after eating all day but this article is for those who want to lose a few pounds of fat fast.  It’s a good time to draw conclusions for yourself and find out if morning cardio is something that works for you.

Burn More Calories4) Burn More Calories Than You Consume – It’s the golden rule of fat loss and though occasionally increasing calories (as well as carbohydrates) over the amount you burn will stimulate metabolism and help you to drop weight, most days will require that you burn more calories that you eat to see the benefits of fat loss. Count those calories and know how many you’re consuming in a day.

green beans5) Use Green Veggies for All Carb Sources – Again, I’m not advocating that you have to live this way every day, but if you want to see fat melt away fast, start shooting for 50-75 carbs a day and make all of your carb sources green vegetables.  Eat a couple 1 lb bags of green beans, add in some broccoli and/or spinach.  You’ll still have plenty of energy from high quality carbohydrate sources and you’ll see the scale go down like never before.

Greens are low-glycemic carbs and that means more fat burning for you.

No Dairy Fruit6) Quit Eating Dairy and Fruit – If you’re just looking for a fast way to drop a few pounds, your body will suffer no ill-effects from cutting out all dairy and fruit but you will see a dramatic result in pounds lost.  Both of these sugary foods increase carbs, glycogen levels, insulin levels and inhibit fat loss.  Drop the yogurt and milk for a few weeks and you’ll see a big difference.

Don't Eat Late7) Don’t Eat Late – For building muscle, concentrate on getting the majority of your calories post-workout and for a focus on fat loss, put an emphasis on not eating anything after dinner.  This puts your body in a fat burning state the entire time you sleep and results are assured.


Don't Drink Alcohol8) Don’t Drink Alcohol – Want to accelerate fat burning? Give up your alcoholic beverages for a while and get your body back to a fat burning furnace.

Alcohol is one of the worst fat blockers you can put in your body so if you’re someone who regularly consumes a lot of alcohol, you’ll see quick results.

Count Your Calories9) Count Your Calories – This gets back to rule #4.  Still, you don’t only want to burn more calories than you consume, you want to be fully aware of how many calories you’re consuming.  In this way, you can be sure that you’re not eating too many calories or..  too few calories.  Sustained, long-term, reduced caloric intake with no cycling will result in a lower metabolism and that’s when fat burning stops.  Being sure you’re eating enough calories is as important as eating clean calories (healthy foods).

Lift Weights For Fat Loss10) Lift Weights – If this isn’t possible, at the very least make sure you do a lot of isometric exercises such as pull-ups and pushups for resistance to be continually applied to your muscles.

Lifting is what “seals the deal” on fat loss.  If you want to accelerate fat loss like you’ve never seen before, you have to participate in some sort of resistance training.  This is especially true for women trying to achieve fat loss.

Cardio, by itself, will only serve to lose weight and give you a “skinny fat” look, as your body fat percentage won’t go down but your weight will.   That’s worst case, as you can actually look heavier in those new clothes.

Try These Tips For Fat Loss!

If you’ve never engaged in an all out assault on fat, try the above tips for two weeks.  You’ll be shocked by the results and I’d be surprised if anyone didn’t stick to the rules after seeing what kind of results they achieve.

The fat burning basics work and there’s not a “diet” anywhere that is going to yield quicker results for you in burning fat so get after it and watch the waist slim down like never before.


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