Finishing up day two of my seven day fast, today was much easier than anticipated. Surprisingly, hunger wasn’t much of an issue all day long. The only challenge was about an hour ago, while in the mall, my wife’s girlfriend saw me and told me how she had just ordered an entire entree of chicken and rice and suddenly didn’t feel like eating.

“You want this? I just bought it so it’s hot and it’s a full order.”  Grrr… that’s my favorite place to eat at the mall. Just the smell is hypnotic.

I walked away.

Outside of the food temptation, the mall was a nice getaway. I took the two kiddos and we had a good time.

Yesterday’s severe headache pains are gone, so I’m thankful for the quick adjustment to caffeine.

The surprise of the day was the feeling that everything was in slow motion. I noticed it at noon, when I left work for a little while just to get away, and the feeling just increased as the day went on. Even here after 9pm, I still feel it. It’s kind of nice… relaxing.

I still managed an overall four sets of working out today, each one about three hours apart – one set of dips, one set of pull-ups and two sets of push-ups.. all to failure. It definitely felt a little different with the slow motion feeling going on – not bad though.

By the way..  I weighed myself on the morning of day one (yesterday) and I was exactly 172.2. It’s going to be interesting to see how much total weight I’ve dropped at the end of the seven days.

I’ve officially gone longer without food than I have in my entire life of 44+ years. That’s odd to think about.

Day two is in the books. I’m off to bed.

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