Tomorrow (Friday) is my first cheat day since starting my controlled carb diet on January 1st and my ketosis strips are a testament to my sacrifice thus far.

For the first time in almost two weeks I’ll be getting more than 40 carbs in one day.  There’s a large pizza at my favorite local pizza place with my name on it.  That and a dessert toward the end of the day will provide a few hundred carbs that are sure to knock me out of ketosis pretty quickly.

I had another sluggish evening last night.  I thought I was past that but clearly I wasn’t.

Just like the first energy crash I had, I decided to check my ketosis strip for a positive and was it ever!  I achieved the darkest color yet on my strip this time as shown in the picture below.

a positive keto result

This color change was instant, as well.  As soon as the urine hit the stick, dark purple appeared.

Clearly, I’m burning fat.  Ketosis works.

Extreme Dieting Confuses People

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about extreme dieting, it’s that most people are confounded by it.

People are used to me eating healthy but even my healthy eating friends think I’ve crossed the line.  Still..  my 90 day goal is to get ripped and see my abs.

I’ve been devouring nothing but broccoli, almonds, Udo’s oil, chicken breasts, natural peanut butter, avocado and eggs.  I’ve been weighing and measuring everything to the gram.

On seeing my results, I’m surprised by the typical questions I get from others.  Most want to know how I’m dieting and seem interested in replicating what I’m doing for similar results… at first.

“Tell me exactly how you’re eating.”

“How many calories a day do you get?”

But on explaining my diet, I’m most often met with questions of how a similar result can be achieved without getting quite so extreme.  I can usually see the wheels turning as the blank stare sets in after I explain my nutrition process.  And then come the new questions…

“But I can still eat a sweet here and there, right?”

“I can have a cheat day at least once a week, right?”

When I start getting these questions, I instantly realize that the other person isn’t truly interested in getting lean.  He’s more interested in achieving a bit of weight loss while figuring out how to remain comfortable in his diet.

There’s nothing wrong with that as seeing your abs simply isn’t for everyone (it’s tough!), but if you truly want to get ripped, it’s time to stop thinking about being comfortable in your diet and start asking what more you can do to achieve the result?

Of all the things I’ve accomplished in my fitness experiences, nothing is proving to be as challenging as getting a ripped six-pack.  Self-doubt constantly creeps in and I just keep pushing it away.

The end of March is coming soon and I desperately want to show you guys that I’ve achieved what I set out to do.. something really special.  Week 2 is nearly over and 10 more weeks to go.

The next two weeks will see my diet change to mostly steak  and eggs, ala some old Vince Gironda principles.  Vince was one of the greatest physique trainers of all time and many of his nutrition views parallel those of being in ketosis, even though he was preaching this stuff before anyone knew the science behind it.

Mr. Olympias Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno trained at Vince’s Gym.  He knew his stuff.

If you’re thinking about seeing how lean you can get, I would suggest you read some of Gironda’s material.  It’s worthwhile.

I’m off to get my eight hours.  Have a great weekend.

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