Infomercials are a trainers worst friend. These days, it seems that everyone is under the impression that they should be able to transform from fat to lean and ripped in 90 days.

There’s plenty of examples of people doing it right there on the commercial so it must be true, right?

The “infomercial mindset” is creating a lot of problems in the fitness world. It’s not that it’s not possible.. for some. It’s that it’s highly unlikely.. for most.

That’s an important distinction to make as you head down the road to getting that lean and ripped body that you’ve always wanted. Only giving yourself 90 days to be in top shape creates a couple major hurdles.

A 90 mindset is setting yourself up for failure.  I personally witnessed a friend two months in on P90X lose faith and stop working out.  Why?  It was the realization that the end result was not within reach in another 30 days.

The 60 day change that he hoped for simply wasn’t happening so why bother with the next 30?  P90X obviously wasn’t working right?  It’s human nature to quit instead of going the distance and failing.

Quitting feels like control maintained.  Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that quitting achieves nothing while failing demonstrates a continual desire to succeed that allows for more growth and ultimate success.

People do not fail.  People quit.

When you shorten the window of opportunity for a person who hasn’t learned how to be successful, there’s a greater chance for failure.

90 days is a great window for seeing some very positive changes and even some substantial changes but for the average overweight person, it’s not near enough time for a total transformation.

A 90 day mindset is simply the wrong way to approach fitness and nutrition.  If you’re ready to get your body in top shape and get ripped, why on earth is a 90 day window of any importance?

It creates a mentality of “being finished” in 90 days.  Then what?  Mission accomplished.. time to ease up on the diet and exercise and enjoy a little more pizza and maybe a few more carbs?  We all know where that leads.

But 90 days worked great for me!…

I also know my share of people that have excelled at 90 day fitness programs.  They can be very effective and even more so  for those experienced with fitness and working out.

This post isn’t so much about blasting the 90 day fitness programs.  It’s about all the benefits gained from giving yourself a full year to get in top shape.

The inspiration of this post today came by way of a friend who told me this week at work that she did the entire “Insanity” workout (only 60 days in this program!) and the scale never moved.  She weighed exactly the same when she started as when she finished and felt like she had lost very little fat.

She was discouraged.  I could hear it in her voice and see it her eyes.

These are the people I worry about when it comes to healthy change and achieving the fitness dreams we all have.  These are the fallout victims of infomercials that we never read about.

These people rarely even post their experiences on blogs because they tend to carry the burden of failure themselves instead of blaming a program that is seemingly working for everyone else.  They feel responsible when the reality is that they simply haven’t learned enough about how their own bodies

I’m talking about the “hard losers“, the “heavier than most“, the people who don’t consider themselves athletic or physically strong and the inexperienced people who are finally ready to create change but have no idea where to start.

This group represents a very large segment of those new to fitness and it’s critical that discouragement doesn’t quickly set in, which is a tendency that members of this group will naturally have.

The Importance of 1 Year Fat Loss Goals

Rather the goal is losing fat, getting fit or getting downright ripped, making the decision to change is the first step and it’s usually done with a degree of excitement and enthusiasm.

The journey that follows is the challenge and learning about your body is what will ultimately lead to success or a lack of progress.


How well do you know your body?  Here’s some questions that will likely need answering:

  • How many carbohydrates allows you to maintain energy while achieving effective weight loss?
  • How quickly does your body drop fat?
  • How many daily calories do you need (your BMR and TDEE)?
  • How do you respond to a plateau?
  • How do you measure body fat?
  • What are the proper macro-nutrient ratios for you?
  • How much cardio (if any) should you integrate to accomplish your goals?

The list goes on and on.  The only way to know the answers to such questions is to take it slow and learn your body.

Accept failure as part of the process and try new things to learn how your body responds to different methods and stimuli.  Try changing up your calorie intake or your carb intake for a couple weeks.  No change?  No problem.  There’s one more piece of information you have about how your body responds to a particular condition.

A year allows a person to keep frustration at bay.  It expects the occasional plateau and thinks little of it when it comes along.

By allowing a full year for change, a person accumulates a great amount of data and understands the body in a deep and personal way.  This kind of change is consistent with long and lasting healthy habits.

Engaging in a two or three month program is about drastic and immediate change but for many, it’s doesn’t allow for the knowledge needed to maintain their physique.  For some, it doesn’t even explain the change that just occurred.

Slow change is not only important for knowledge.  It’s the best way to create permanent physical change.

1 Year Later

Time will explain it all. He is a talker, and needs no questioning before he speaks. – Euripides

At the end of a full year of getting in shape and getting to know your body, you’re going to be happy with the results.

If you’re really trying to lean out and drop down to those nearly impossible body fat numbers, you may still have a bit to go but you will now know that you can do it.  You’ll have enough information to fully understand your body and you’ll know how to make the change.

That’s priceless information.

For the majority, a year is enough to achieve every goal.. and that includes change for many very obese body types.

In the end, the knowledge gained equates to learned fitness habits that will serve you well the rest of your life.

Expect perfection.. just don’t rush it.  One year isn’t just about changing your body.  It’s about changing your life.

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